One of the safest and most efficient ways of getting a tan is by using spray tan kits. Every year, more and more people are coming to professional tanning salons like LA Tanning to achieve a full body tan. The ingredients in our tanning sprays produce a safe, healthy looking tan, when applied to the skin using our spray tan kits.

Here are some tips on how to use spray tan kits more effectively.

1. Clean Skin

Be sure to take a good shower before spray tanning. Spray tanning is more effective on clean skin. Avoid applying lotions, make-up, oil and sunscreen. Chemicals in these cosmetics affect how a tan appears on the skin. Cleaning your skin before spray tanning removes chemical barriers that impede spray tans from penetrating the skin to the maximum extent.

2. Avoid Water 

Avoid getting wet within the first 8-12 hours after a spray tanning session. This means you should not take a shower, work out or do anything that will prevent the spray tan from taking full effect. If you have to go outside within the first 12 hours after spray tanning, carry an umbrella to cover yourself in case it rains. Getting wet after spray tanning may lead to the development of spots on your tan.

3. Nails 

Cover your fingernails and toenails before a spray tanning session. Spray tan kits contain barrier creams that you can apply on your fingernails and toenails to prevent the spray tan from staining them. Alternatively, you may use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to protect your nails. Unprotected nails may be stained and turn orange.

4. Moisturise

Take good care of your skin when spray tanning. While it is important to avoid applying moisturiser or any other substance that will wet your skin after a spray tan session, thorough moisturisation of your skin in the days after a spray tan is essential. It is advisable to apply generous amounts of moisturiser or body butter the next morning and evening after a spray tan session. Moisturising the skin helps to prevent the spray tan from fading poorly.

5. Exfoliate

This is an important activity to undertake before a spray tan session. Dead skin cells create a barrier to an effective tan. Spraying a tanningagent on skin with dead cells is not an effective way of getting a tan because the tan will come off when dead skins cells flake off. To get an even tan, make sure you ex-foliate before tanning. Some of the areas to focus on are the knees and elbows. Some spray tan kits come with wash-cloths that you can use to apply an ex-foliating scrub on your entire body. There are different types of ex-foliating scrubs, each designed for different parts of the body including the face, the hands and other parts.

6. Gradual Tanning Lotions

Spray tans can last 3-7 days. The amount of time it takes for spray tans to fade is determined by the spray tanning agent and your skin. Thetan may start fading within 4-5 days. Spray tan fading is caused by various factors including dry skin and make-up. Spray tan kits feature gradual tanning lotion that helps to keep the colour of your skin fresh. The lotion keeps your skin moisturised and help to add a bit of colour to it.